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past shows

10/02/2022 melted bodies, trip villain, world sucks666 - tv eye [brooklyn]

09/24/2022 red ex: vol v - the red museum [sacramento]

07/31/2022 last mini tour show (trivia night): abbatia, bubblegum octopus, purityctrl - rock bottom [nj]

07/30/2022 dj gabbapentin, speed limit, certain livesunion jax, frank/ie consent, purityctrl - rooftop [brooklyn]

07/28/2022 how i quit ketamine, abbatia, kissbreaker, purityctrl etc - no aloha [brooklyn]

07/24/2022 burnt-feathers, seaclones, purityctrl, etc - collision [pittsburgh]

07/23/2022 lovely lifetimes, purityctrl - spacycloud [dc]

07/22/2022 viscera, zombieshark, pumpfake, purityctrl, etc - grey's ferry skate park sidewalk [philly]

07/21/2022 mini tour with purity control begins: ghösh, abbatia, purityctrl - haus of yarga [philly]

07/11/2022 creepy teepee afterparty: yayoyanoh, evanora unlimited - bike jesus [prague]

07/09/2022 creepy teepee festival: dreamcrusher, fraxiom, yayoyanoh, etc - venue near the sedlec ossuary [kutna hora, cz]

05/25/2022 pleasure coffin, chaos musick, feardotcom, etc - the firehouse [worchester, ma]

05/28/2022 kfc murderchicks, emmme, gloom13, akafae, coin - purgatory [brooklyn]

5/12/2022 oblivion access: andy morin, lust$ickpuppy, deli girls - mohawk [austin]

04/29/2022 shiverboard, new vibe order - baby's all right [brooklyn]

04/24/2022 shiverboard, high, etc - qxt's [nj]

04/14/2022 posterboy2000, kitchen, etc - wonderville [brooklyn]

04/11/2022 finalxoxo, coin, akafae, dynamohedron, etc - hart bar [brooklyn]

04/09/2022 lust$ickpuppy, wiilld - bard bump [bard college]

04/03/2022 posterboy2000, computerwife, fongool, x harlow - chaos computer [brooklyn]

04/02/2022 chao gardem: union jax, slitter throat, akafae - trans pecos [brooklyn]

04/01/2022 ex wiish, dog collar, wtchcrft, arachnid - trans pecos [brooklyn]

3/27/2022 johnnascus, murderpact, kill alters, münki - market hotel [brooklyn]

3/21/2022 murderpact, slitter throat, coin - bowery electric -_- [manhattan]

3/2/2022 frost children, heavy halo, etc - rash [brooklyn]

2/19/2022 winnie wanders,, akafae, skullfucker - the grove [brooklyn]

2/17/2022 asylum 213, cronies, witless, etc - hex [nj]

12/03/2021 a2b2 night of fire 2: machine girl, and all the ppl who played la, etc - knockdown center [nyc]

12/03/2021 a2b2 night of fire 2: 1800pain, kero kero bonito, arca, andy morin, etc - catch one [la]

11/22/2021 vantana row, foodcorps, emme, etc - hart bar

11/13/2021 wiilld, yuurusu, babyghost, uzkost - rothko [pittsburgh]

10/16/2021 wiilld, full body 2, etc - datagaze [url]

9/20/2021 reagan holiday, super always, various artists, etc - wonderville [brooklyn]

9/17/2021 posterboy2000, etc - appa [brooklyn]

6/11/2021 fort reno, unradmotions pop up - abandoned office space [dc] (not a real show lol, just played mp3s because i was scared)

i definitely have forgotton a lot of shows that have been lost in between :/