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friends and strangers 2 check out [these are links!]

chang moon

  • the awesome (and patient) person who coded this site for me!!
  • bobbyshmeat

  • my friend alex from highschool who makes epic art and skate related stuff and talented at fornite
  • viscera

  • awesome music and person
  • kingcon2k11

  • best video editor ever. sick person too... (helped me with one of my music videos)
  • johnnascus

  • johnnascus....
  • unradmotions

  • zoe makes some of the best art i've ever seen
  • aiden

  • shout out to aiden, hi aiden
  • chaos musick

  • marc is a great tarot reader, mtg player, skater, and has a sick noise band (chaos musick)
  • wiilld

  • cool breakcore/jungle music! we met at mg show in 2019
  • purityctrl/petbud

  • mabel is very awesome, we went on a minitour together. sick hardcore/noise/rave music :)
  • gl00m13

  • epic music and art, great at climbing structures
  • fongool/shiverboard

  • rob is very nice and epic
  • sweet

  • sweet ^_^
  • sam

  • thanks sam for philly and being so awesome
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    polish section


  • hello
  • piotr

  • mouse trap man, makes awesome black metal
  • jessica

  • hi